Original Cabaret Prints

Original Cabaret prints
Ref. No.: RG-472,3
Year: c.  1900 - 1910
Dimensions: 13"w x 16"h
Price: $295 each; $530 the pair

This pair of original Parisian cabaret programs will add color and verve to just the right room or make a great gift for a deserving Francophile. "Trianon Concert" is a touch of old Montmartre. "Olympia" illustrates the play by Ferenc Molnar. Both are newly framed.

Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints
Ref. No.: LoFort 403-404
Year: 21st c.
Dimensions: 23.5"w x 26.5"h
Price: $1,100/pair

This large and charming pair of botanical prints from the original plate has been reproduced via an 18th-century process. The image is pulled through the press by hand, then hand-painted using water colors of the period.

Charlet Hunting Poster

Original Hunting Poster
Ref. No.: RG-463
Year: Circa 1919
Dimensions: 24" x 17"
Price: $850
A flurry of hounds are on the scent, followed by red-coated riders, including a lady demonstrating proper side-saddle form. This original hunting poster by Charlet, circa 1919, is beautifully matted and framed. A handsome addition to a library, bar or hallway.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting "The Courtyard"
Ref. No.: 8060-19
Year: Circa 1920
Dimensions: 26" w x 22-1/4" h
Price: $350

"French Country Courtyard" is a charming early-20th-century French oil on canvas. Signed. Circa 1920.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting "A Country Winter"
Ref. No.: 8060-20
Year: c. 1900
Dimensions: 31" w x 25" h
Price: $450

"A Country Winter," a very-early-20th-century French oil on canvas, captures the bleak beauty of the season. Presented in a 3-1/2-inch gilt frame and signed by the artist. Circa 1900.

Rooster Prints

Rooster Prints
Ref. No.: ASHT-489
Dimensions: 20" square
Price: $110 each; $200 the pair

This pair of very smart roosters would feel right at home in a country kitchen or breakfast nook. The prints have been specially treated to convey the impression of oil on canvas.

Art Print of Macaque Monkey

Art Print of MacAque (Monkey)
Ref. No.: LoFort-533
Year: From 18th-century plate.
Dimensions: 18-1/2" x 22-1/2"
Price: $285

The highly social, undeniably cute Rhesus Macaque money is a little too rowdy to make a good pet. But you can take him into your home in this wonderful art print made from an 18th-century plate. It's been reproduced via the 18th-century process in which the image is pulled through the press by hand, then hand-colored using subtle period watercolors.  Handsomely matted and framed.

Art Print of Elephant

Art Print of Elephant
Ref. No.: LoFort-552
Year: From an 18th-century plate
Dimensions: 1/-1/2" x 22-1/2"
Price: $285
This art print of a distinguished elephant is made from an 18th-century plate and reproduced by an authentic process of the period. The image is pulled through the press by hand, then hand-tinted using the subtle watercolors of the era.  Handsomely matted and framed.

19th-Century Engraving
Of Woman

19th-century Engraving of a Woman
Ref. No.: 111-55
Year: England, circa 1830
Dimensions: 14" diameter
Price: $260

A behatted, beruffled, beguiling young woman at her writing desk, feather pen in hand, is the subject of this early-19th-century English engraving. And she's encircled by the original wooden gilt frame with beading and lovely architectural detail.

Antique Bar Sign - Cheers! 

Ref. No.: 565.40
Year: England, circa 1900
Dimensions: Area approx. 3' x 3'
Price: $650
Sometime around 1900, somewhere in England, this old mahogany bar sign with carved, gilded letters first welcomed drinkers. Now it can grace your home bar, where everybody really does know your name. Cheers!

Custom Mahogany

Writing Desk

Ref. No.: 7111-14
Year: England, contemporary
Dimensions: 56" x 33" x 31-1/4" tall
Price: $2,750
This is an exceptionally substantial mahogany writing desk that can double as a beautiful library table.  It has six working and beaded drawers -- three each side -- each with lock and key.  The top is a handsome dark-green leather with gilt tooling that has been antiqued.  The legs are classically reeded and have casters for easy mobility.  Custom-made in England for Asher House.