Celery Vases

Celery Vases
Ref. No.: 4405-221
Year: circa 1880
Dimensions: 5 �" x 10" tall
Price: $275/pair

This rare pair of elegant pressed-glass Victorian celery vases come from England, circa 1880. A century and a bit ago, when the vegetable was considered a delicacy, a place setting in all fine dinner sets included a celery vase.

Victorian Cranberry Glass Jug

Victorian Cranberry Glass Jug_c
Ref. No.: 409-164
Year: England, circa 1900
Dimensions: 3" x 4-1/4" tall
Price: $225
This late-Victorian jug is cranberry glass at its prettiest, and that's saying a lot. Its English designer chose delicate leaf-like feet, a clear-glass handle and a romantic, heart-shaped opening at the top, from handle to pouring spout.

Cranberry Glass Pitcher

Cranberry Glass Pitcher
Ref. No.: 409-178
Year: England, circa 1900
Dimensions: 4-1/2" diameter (widest) x 6" tall
Price: $235
Cranberry glass, made with a touch of gold since at least 17th-century Venice and Potsdam (and some say ancient Rome), adds a spot of brilliance to any table. This cranberry glass pitcher has a classically beautiful shape and a chic clear-glass handle.

Pair of Crystal Candlesticks

Elegant Crystal Candlesticks
Ref. No.: #21104-10
Year: Contemporary
Dimensions: 12" tall
Price: $175 the pair
We found this elegant pair of weighty, beautifully faceted 12-inch crystal candlesticks and couldn't resist them.  They're contemporary, but we think they blend exceptionally well with our antique furniture. 

Collection of French Wine Jugs

Collection of Green-Glass French Wine Jugs
Ref. No.: 21105-140
Year: France, circa 1890
Dimensions: 12" to 14" tall
Price: $365 each

There are so many great uses for these antique wine jugs. But the best is just for serving your favorite red or white at your next dinner party or Provencal-style backyard picnic. All were made in late-19th-century France of deep, dark green glass in graceful shapes with smart-looking labels. And of course if you have your own vineyard, you can use them to bottle the latest vintage.

Vintage Cut-Glass Salsa Dish

Vintage Cut-Glass Salsa Dish
Ref. No.: 20105-39
Year: circa 1950
Dimensions: 8" diameter x 1-1/2" high
Price: $75
Fill it with salsa at a drinks party, with nuts before or after dinner, or with candy or other sweets at a lavish buffet. This pretty vintage cut-glass dish has delicate facets to make it sparkle and a two-figure price tag that makes it an affordable yet festive gift.  

Deco Cut-Crystal Vase

Deco Cut-Crystal Vase
Ref. No.: 20105-16
Year: circa 1930
Dimensions: 4-1/2" diameter at flared top x 7" tall
Price: $150
What an elegant gift, for a friend or for yourself! This Art Deco cut-crystal vase will show off bouquets at their best with its graceful lines and sparkling facets, as well as  its very own pedestal.

Pair of
Tall Crystal Candlesticks

Pair of Tall Crystal Candlesticks
Year: Contemporary
Ref. No.: 21104-17
Dimensions: 16-1/2" tall
Price: $335 the pair

Now and then, something contemporary catches our eye, like this towering pair of beautifully faceted crystal candlesticks.  They're more than 16 inches tall and make a spectacular statement on a dining table or buffet. 

Davidson Pressed-Glass Cake Stand

Davidson Depression-Glass Cake Stand
Ref. No.: 6020-180
Year: circa 1900
Dimensions: 9 inches x 4-1/4" tall
Price: $95
This pressed-glass cake stand isn't just beautiful; it has presence and a fancy British pedigree. Circa 1900, the piece was made in the classic hobnail pattern by Geo Davidson & Company, the prestigious English glassmakers who got their start in the mid-19th century. Yet it's highly affordable.

Cut-Glass Fruit Bowl

Cut-Glass Fruit Bowl
Ref. No.: 20105-19
Year: circa 1930
Dimensions: 9" diameter x 4-1/2" tall
Price: $150
This Art Deco fruit bowl, beautifully faceted and etched, makes a lovely centerpiece or an attention-getting accessory wherever you decide to display it.

Edwardian Cut-Crystal Vase

Edwardian Cut-Crystal Vase
Ref. No.: 441-150
Year: England, circa 1900
Dimensions: 6" diameter (opening at top) x 9-1/4" tall
Price: $185

Made in England around the turn of the century, this tall crystal vase with elegantly cut facets graced some elegant Edwardian home. And it's easy for loyal "Upstairs, Downstairs" fans to imagine it in Lord and Lady Bellamy's house on Eaton Square. Today the vase makes a very special gift or a sparkling addition to any room with traditional decor.

Depression-Glass Compote

Depression-Glass Compote
Ref. No.: #20105-101
Year: circa 1930
Dimensions: 7" diameter x 7-3/4" tall
Price: $120
Looking at a pretty piece like this highly faceted 1930s compote, or footed fruit bowl, it's easy to see why Depression glass evolved from mass-manufactured giveaway into pricey collectible. In addition to serving fruit, nuts, candies or desserts, the compote could also be turned into the base of an elegant centerpiece or put to use holding guest soaps or potpourri.

Cranberry Glass Lidded Preserve Dish

Cranberry Glass Lidded Preserve Dish
Ref. No.: 3001-281
Year: England, circa 1890
Dimensions: 6-1/2" diameter (widest) x 6-1/4" to top of handle
Price: $365
What could be nicer than bringing your cranberries to the table in antique cranberry glass? This charming late-19th-century English dish is blown glass (pontil mark on bottom) with silverplate fittings, lid and handle. The Victorians served their sauces and preserves this way; now so can you.

Amber-Glass Footed Fruit Bowl

Deco Amber-Glass Footed Bowl
Ref. No.: #20105-23
Year: circa 1930
Dimensions: 8 1/2" diameter x 4 1/2" high
Price: $225

A bowl of fruit is just a bowl of fruit unless the container is an elegantly shaped, exquisitely colored vintage piece like this one. This very pretty Art Deco (circa 1930) footed bowl is made of amber glass, which first became popular just after the Civil War and enjoyed a revival beginning in the '30s.

Crystal Fruit Bowl

Crystal Fruit Bowl
Ref. No.: 20105-105
Year: Germany, circa 1960
Dimensions: 8" diameter x 5" tall
Price: $65

From Germany, this handsome, generously sized midcentury fruit bowl with delicate feet will look beautiful on any table. And what a terrific gift idea! It's made of 24 percent fine German lead crystal.

Antique Davidson Pressed-Glass Cake Stand

Davidson Pressed Glass Cake Stand
Ref. No.: 551-236
Year: England, circa 1895
Dimensions: 10-1/2" diameter x 6" tall
Price: $110

This charming Victorian cake stand, in a pretty swirl design atop a tall pedestal, will make special-occasion confections even more special. The piece, circa 1895, is by the renowned English glassmakers Geo Davidson & Company, founded in Gateshead in 1867.

Antique Percival Vickers Pressed-Glass Bowl

Percival Vickers Pressed Glass Bowl
Ref. No.: 551-241
Year: England, circa 1878
Dimensions: 9-3/4" diameter x 2-1/2" tall
Price: $145
Dated 1878, this impressive, heavyweight English pressed-glass bowl is from Percival Vickers, the distinguished 19th-century Manchester glassworks.