Antique Refectory Farm Table

Ref. No.: 21105-264
Year: France, circa 1860
Dimensions: 83-1/2" x 33-1/4" x 30" tall
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From Second Empire France (circa 1860), this lovely and substantial refectory table is made of solid oak with beautiful coloration and graining. It makes an impressive dining table, seating six people very comfortably. Or it can be an equally admirable library, hall or center table. With a shaped apron and wonderfully turned legs.

Antique Dining/Library

Farm Table

Antique Dining/Library Farm Table
Ref. No.: 21105-218
Year: England, circa 1880
Dimensions: 70" x 29-1/2" x 30" tall
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Price includes shipping and handling.
Price includes shipping and handling.
The exquisite graining may be the first thing you notice about this hand-crafted solid elmwood table.
From late-19th-century England, it's an excellent size (70 inches long) for a smaller dining area but seats six comfortably. And it can work brilliantly as a library, hall or center table. Refectory base, handsomely turned legs.

Antique Farmhouse

Dining Table

Antique French Farmhouse Table
Ref. No.: 21105-204
Year: France, circa 1870
Dimensions: 80" x 30-3/4" x 30" tall
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Price includes shipping and handling.
Price includes shipping and handling.
The excellent color of the antique chestnut alone would make this a beauty of a French farmhouse table. But it also has a superb two-inch-thick solid chestnut top, grand turned legs and stretcher supports, plus an apron and support rails with beaded trim at the edge. This is a particularly versatile late-19th-century piece. It can seat six for dinner; make an elegant library, hall or center table; or even serve as an extremely handsome desk.

Antique (19th-Century) Mahogany and Chestnut Tables

Ref. No.: 6020-71 (top),  21105-211 (lower)
Year: Circa 1820 (top), circa 1880 (lower)
Dimensions: See text
Price: $1,450 (top), $1,850 (lower) Add to cart
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These two handsome antiques are stacked only because there's no more room in our store!  And we wanted you to have a chance to see them anyway. (They are sold separately, we promise.) 

TOP From England, this very early Regency library table (circa 1820) has a pine top with a pretty molded edge, a rich mahogany base and wonderful color. The legs are particularly attractive, reeded in front and chamfered in back -- or the other way around, if you prefer. Ideally sized for diminutive spaces: 54 inches wide, 30-1/2 inches deep and 31-1/2/ inches tall. 


LOWER This beautiful French farm table is solid chestnut with excellent color and patina. Circa 1880, it has cabriole legs and a gracefully shaped apron. 70 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 30 inches tall.